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It's no secret that among all types of lawyers, those who specialize in criminal defense are the most hated.The hate is brought by the fact that they make a living out of defending the rights of accused criminals, whether they're guilty or not. While the public eye sees them with some kind of disdain or hatred, they still are individuals who play a very essential role in saving people who are wrongfully accused.


In the American justice system, everyone has the right to a fair trial, whatever the circumstances are. Criminal defense attorneys make it their responsibility to uphold this constitutional right. Go here to know more. 


The sad fact though is that not every lawyer out there is competent enough to represent an accused person in court. In fact, some are just there for the money.


So the biggest question for those looking for a criminal defense attorney is how to separate the best one from the rest? The way to do that is by determining which qualities they should have.


1 - Top negotiating skills


One of the most underrated qualities of a defense attorney is the ability to settle legal cases out of court. But it isn't actually because he or she is incompetent or inexperienced in trial court; it's more on the hope of having to make the best deal for your own sake. Even in criminal defense, you don't want to be represented by a lawyer who comes out barking even if there's a chance to settle everything outside of court.


2 - High integrity


This quality is one of those that every lawyer out there needs to possess and without it, there is no right to practice the law profession. Integrity in this industry is epitomized by the attorney's honesty with his or her clients, like for instance making sure that they are informed about the progress of the case every step of the way.


3 - Deep perseverance


For a criminal defense attorney to be called the best, he or she must be able to value the importance of perseverance in all of the cases he or she handles. What this means is that this lawyer has to be an expert when it comes to exploring all the avenues in which his or her client has the best prospect of winning the case. This includes grabbing all the possible opportunities in winning the side of the judge and jury during the trial.


4 - Knowledge


The last quality that makes a criminal defense attorney unique from the rest is extensive knowledge of the law. If you want to avoid having to spend the rest of your life in prison, make sure that you hire a criminal defense attorney who comes with extensive knowledge of the criminal law and justice system, because if you fail in this endeavor, you will not only waste your money on someone incompetent, you also will be ridding yourself of the chance to practice your right to freedom. This is important when looking for the best criminal lawyers Houston has to offer. 


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